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Company Profile

CLEITUS INFO SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is run by its Four Director from diverse backgrounds who have come together with the belief that passionate people with the right intention can drive change and help to make the world well.
Our professionals have experience and expertise in providing SAP solution to client. A Post-Implementation Review (PIR) is an assessment and review of the completed working solution. It will be performed after a period of live running, sometime after the project is completed. Going live with an ERP system is only the beginning! The next tough challenge you face is how to support your end users on a daily basis.

When it comes to fulfilling business requirements and challenges, Cleitus Info Systems Pvt Ltd provides SAP Implementation, Support Services, Solutions’ And Info Graphics Data Visualization.

Cleitus Info Systems Pvt Ltd is one of World’s IT services provider, with excellent operational experience. We run mission-critical ERP & Post ERP Implementation projects and manage products, services and solutions for Private & some key Public Sector Organizations and SME across the world.

With have a very efficient workforce across world, we combine insight, experience, global vendor partnerships, and extensive technological resources with the commitment to deliver.

Collective Intelligence
Our unique business model is based on configuring, integrating and maintaining innovative business solutions designed to meet our clients’ strategic and operational needs, and we call this COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Our people are our power
It is through the power of our people, led by a dedicated, knowledgeable and highly experienced executive team that we continue to create technology-based business solutions that meet the information management needs of today and the future for different communities. We take great pride in our strong management, proven solutions and a vision for the delivery of IT solutions & services.

Our Integrated Service
Cleitus’s is supported by an integrated network; deliver across the entire value chain:
• Conduct feasibility studies of potential solutions
• Analyze application needs
• Develop IT strategies aligned with business strategies
• Establish IT governance frameworks
• Develop business cases
• Define tailored possible solutions
Our customers have always been our focus, and in the future, we will continue to focus on providing excellent, effective and innovative solutions that strengthen and improve our clients’ businesses.

Director’s Desk
“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and people who mean to be their own Governor, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

  James Madison
It was a proud day for me in 2014 when I participated in the launching of Cleitus Info Systems Private Limited Company by a group of SAP Consultants. It was then the beginning of a very strong belief and conviction that Cleitus Info Systems Pvt Ltd and our own destinies will be inextricably linked. Knowledge is our proud heritage.

Not only do we have a past that we can be proud of, but, we hold dear to our hearts, the future hopes and aspirations of the professionals who guide this company. Without doubt we have the people and the resources to lead this company to a bright future. We have reached thus far owing to hard work, dedication and determination of the team that drives this organization. And we are confident, that we will grow from strength to strength in our endeavor to make this company into one that delivers value and satisfaction to our growing base of valued clients.

We bring to our clients much wanted human values, integrity, trust and an assurance of responsibility all coupled with our expertise in IT, Engineering & Management. Our biggest assets have always been our small but highly trained team of professional managers and engineers who are backed by a very able team of administrators. We have a clear vision about building on our strengths and our achievements while holding dear to us our basic principles.

We are confident that with our versatile, adaptable and technology led efforts, we will meet the exacting standards of our clients. Our primary consideration must always be our clients, and our primary objective, their satisfaction. Our success in achieving this is measured by our client’s perception of not only the technical execution of jobs, but also, our overall response in terms of readiness, communication, safety and service attitude.

In the last few years, the company emphasizes in the ERP SAP Implementation, Support development of technical and specialized projects and work in Info Graphic Data Visualization.