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You’ve implemented SAP and now you are faced with how you will deliver it. Should you use your own staff or should you look at a hosted model? Many mid-market customers struggle with this question every day. Keeping the functional and technical support internal can be costly and may not allow you to achieve the full value spectrum of your SAP implementation. Let Cleitus Info Systems Pvt Ltd (CIS) take away the pain of hiring, managing and training costly SAP resources. CIS is a software development and IT Services company that provides high-value strategic IT management consulting services. We are specialized in Application Management Services and integrated business solutions to our customers, by providing the highest level of quality and dependable cost-effective services with personalized professional service and support. Experiencing certainty with CIS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership. When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation. This is why we can offer you the ability to meet every challenge and the ability to capitalize on every opportunity. That’s the power of certainty. And it is our promise to every client. We provide expert resources and solutions for our clients including:

  • Experienced ERP SAP Consultants
  • Expert management of ERP SAP upgrades, implementations, maintenance and support
  • Proven methodologies and processes to reduce complexity and optimize performance
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your business, so you only pay for what you need

All of these resources ultimately help you cut costs, increase security and reliability and boost your ROI. CIS is also specialized in creating Visual Business Intelligence i.e. Info graphics; Information in graphical format is the easiest way of recognizing and reproducing any kind of data. Info graphics or information graphics are visualizations which are used to represent complex information and it also helps us to explain about data which are tough to represent in any other kind of written format, one will not be able to have a quick and clear access to the information by reading the words given in the written data. It is due to the fact that our brain stores a picture of the content we see in our everyday life so that we wouldn’t require to jot down about each and everything we see and feel around us. With our combined years of experience and expertise, CIS will help you to layout your project from idea to market. Creative illustrations, unique design concepts, and NEW thinking are the combined talents and technical expertise that take your business ideas to a whole new level; our powerful visual design helps to keep your business NEW and progressing.


Today, manufacturers need innovative technology solutions to focus on increasing capacity without eroding margins. They need strategies to accelerate product innovation, gain access to new product markets and collaborate better with suppliers. Cleitus Info Systems partners with global automotive and discrete manufacturing and pharmaceutical enterprises, to deliver meaningful IT solutions across the value chain. Our solutions help customers:

    • Develop a ‘single customer experience’ across all dealers, by gaining visibility into their operations and standardizing them through dealer management solutions
    • Collaborate better with partners, suppliers and customers to foster internal and external innovation
    • Attract, engage and retain customers through digital marketing initiatives
    • Empower sales personnel to collaborate and make decisions on the move, through mobility solutions Our ERP SAP expertise and consultative approach addresses the unique business challenges of customers, across developed and emerging markets.

Our track record:

  • Improved visibility of orders and reduced inventory through a dealer management solution, Delivered superior user experience across dealers, improved inventory management and provided real time market information,
  • Improved sales force collaboration and efficiency of a global pharmaceutical major, through a mobile collaborative platform
  • Enabled better reporting and greater accountability for sales force incentives, through a business intelligence solution for a global pharmaceutical company
Accelerate Manufacturing Productivity and Revenues: Competitive pressures, new technologies, and demands for customization are radically changing the industrial manufacturing industry. Today’s consumers have come to expect high-quality products, rapid introduction of new enhancements and quick delivery of orders. Manufacturers are finding they must innovate in response to these expectations-or risk losing market share and revenue. Industrial manufacturers can accelerate their productivity-and with it their revenues-through innovative solutions that improve the visibility of orders, reduce unnecessary inventory, provide a seamless consumer experience, boost sales force automation and enable better reporting. To get there, it helps to have an IT partner with expertise in emerging technologies and deep industrial manufacturing experience. Cleitus Info Systems partners with manufacturing enterprises to revitalize their IT strategies align production processes with customer demands, aid better collaboration with suppliers and address global industry issues for better returns. Our knowledge of manufacturing in emerging markets has resulted in multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch system deployments. Cleitus Info Systems helps industrial manufacturers transform their IT strategies through:

  • Supply Chain Optimization that streamlines processes for higher operational efficiency
  • E-Procurement and ERP SAP to boost productivity and lower costs with supplier portals and scorecards, inventory and warehouse management, production planning and control, and order management
  • Customer and Dealer Management, including multi-lingual dealer management systems and customer portals to support importers, multiple dealers and branches in established or emerging markets
  • After Sales Services to boost your bottom line, including warranty, service and spare parts management, campaign management and reverse logistics
  • Content Management to cost-effectively manage regulatory compliance documents, product information, website content and digital rights

From improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs with a dedicated offshore development center, to delivering a performance management solution that enabled more profitable deal negotiations, Cleitus Info Systems can help you gain a competitive advantage and succeed in today’s evolving manufacturing environment.

In the communications industry, Cleitus Info Systems partners with telecom, networking, wireless enterprises and cellular, consumer wireless and hand-held device OEMs. Cleitus Info Systems has over a decade of experience in delivering solutions from concept to sustenance. Our expertise ranges across core networking, wireless LANS, OS and platforms and networking equipment such as switches, routers and base stations. Cleitus’s offerings for the consumer segment Today, consumers expect product vendors to go beyond developing products and provide solutions that suit their lifestyle. This raises expectations from the ecosystem players for better management, collaboration, control and compliance. Cleitus Info Systems delivers solutions for consumer segments such as connected homes, infotainment and digital media. Our domain and technical expertise helps enterprises develop, test and maintain products. The services and delivery platforms enable fast, secure and seamless hosting, distribution and consumption of services. Our mobility and e-commerce solutions enable consumers to access and pay for these services. Our differentiators

  • World-class ERP SAP Knowledge Transferring to deliver cutting edge engineering solutions
  • Extended engineering arm rather than a traditional supplier of services
  • On Time Quality Project delivering.
  • High Class Post Implementation END USER Training
  • Intelligent collective ERP SAP solutions

Consumer Packaged Goods For today’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, new challenges are impacting revenues, profits and growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. On one side, digitization and social media require more innovative consumer engagement. On the other side, rising operating, manufacturing and compliance costs require razor-thin inventory levels. To meet these challenges, many CPG organizations are reevaluating their traditional IT strategies-and looking for new ways to meet customer needs while aligning with business goals. These forward-thinking companies are using innovative solutions to improve digital asset utilization, identify cross-sell opportunities, collaborate better with partners and suppliers, employ analytics to gain industry and customer insights, and transition to a multi-point engagement strategy. To fast track these solutions, CPG leaders are turning to IT solution partners with expertise in emerging technologies as well as deep industry experience. We deliver improved customer engagement and distributor connectivity through ERP SAP solutions, consolidate legacy systems to reduce operating and management costs, and provide analytics that enable better decision making and prepare you for future trends. Cleitus Info Systems helps CPG companies transform their technology through:

  • Distribution Management addressing sales, distribution, secondary channel management, accounting, masters, distributor portal, field staff portal and mobile sales force automation
  • ERP SAP CRM delivering critical information and insights to give your sales force a competitive advantage

Welcome to possible: Revitalizing IT for Global CPG Enterprise When a leading CPG organization with operations in 100+ countries wanted to revitalize its online brand platform to improve user engagement, they will turned to Cleitus Info Systems. After collaborating with the client to develop a roadmap for a redesign of their website, Cleitus Info Systems developed a Support ERP Solutions that eliminated the company’s dependency on legacy systems.